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Front Office

Aizuya inn hostel,front picture

We will be happy to assist you every day from 08h00 to 22h00 in English, Japanese, French, German, and Italian.

  • Kenji(Owner)
  • Raoul(Manager)

Our friendly staffs are eager to welcome you. They will be able to assist you with "sightseeing" queries of course.

But for those who needs more, our international staff can help you with mundane matters such as:how to open a bank account / where to get your foreigner’s card / where to get medical treatment / how to find a long-term accommodation etc…..

Living Room

In our cozy lounge, you will find

  • ★Free drinks
  • ★Cable TV
  • ★Free use of Internet
  • ★English newspapers
  • ★Foreign magazines
  • ★Free WiFi

many fellow travellers to meet !!!!


All rooms are equipped with air-conditioning and heating and flat-screen TV. Wi-Fi is also available in the rooms. Other items, such as international plug, towels or alarm clock, can be rented or bought at the front desk for a reasonable price. All rooms and public areas are non-smoking, thus clean and fresh air everywhere!! However, there are 2 designated areas for smokers.

3 tatami room
for 1 person
4.5 tatami room
for 2 persons
6 tatamis room
for 3 persons
3tatamis room for 1 person 4.5tatamis room for 2 person 6tatamis room for 3 person
double mattress pillows

"double mattress & 2 pillows per guest will contribute to a deep sleep and a very comfortable stay"

Price details


Fully equipped kitchen (fridge, microwaves, cooking stoves, small oven) with utensils, pans and seasonings when you want to stay home with a home-cooked dinner.


2 washing machine (200yen per wash) and 2 dryers (100yen per 30min), iron and ironing-board also available.


3 for ladies,3 for gentlemen. Coin operated(100yen for 5min).


Separated toilets for men & women situated on each floor.


Free rental:
Hair dryer, Alarm Clock, Internet cable, DVD player and DVDs, Power adaptor, SD card reader, Scale, Bicycles.

Pay rental:
game consoles: 250Yen per day
mobile phone rental: 250Yen per day
Pocket WIFI: 500Yen per day

Security: Smile! You are on TV!!

the back door

the lounge

Even though Tokyo is one the safest city in the world, we have installed CCTV cameras for the peace of
mind of our guests: one for the main entrance, one for the back door and one for the lounge.

Security: the door code

the door code

From 22h00 to 08h00, no-one can get in without a code. That way, the building is secure at night; and guest don’t have to worry about losing their keys…..

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